The BAS Media mission is to provide equitable access to books, resources, and technology for all students in order to improve academic performance, to support them socially and emotionally and to prepare them to become productive and contributing members of a modern society."

Butler Avenue Media Center is a partial flexible access library which meets the needs of the students, parents, and teachers. We are open daily from 7:45 until 3:30 providing resources throughout the day. Students visit the library upon the discretion of the teacher. Students also visit the library for resource classes on a fixed schedule.

The Standards for the 21st Century Learner impart a vision of the school librarian as an educational leader. Please visit the Standards for the 21st Century Learner to become informed.

Mrs. Jodi Hall, media coordinator

Library Policies

Media Center Rules/Policies

Overdue Books
Students are not charged for overdue books. However, books should be returned in a timely manner so others may use the books.

Lost Books/Damaged Books
The fine for lost/damaged book will be based on the replacement cost at the time of the payment. If the book is lost, patrons are encouraged to look for the book for at least one circulation period (2 weeks) before paying the fine. Students are only allowed to check out one book until the fine is paid. (If they have lost/damaged four books, then the student is not allowed to check any books out until the fines are paid.) During this period, the teacher may opt to check out a book for the student, but this book is not to leave BAS campus. Once a fine is paid, the item becomes the property of the patron. There will be no refunds. Unpaid library fines will result in the report card being held at year end.

BAS Library Rules
Students should enter with library card.

  1. Students are only allowed to check out four books at a time.

  2. Students are responsible for checking in their own books. If they are not checked in correctly, students are still accountable for the books.

  3. Students must use a shelf marker while searching for nonfiction books.

  4. Students should be respectful of all other students and staff in the library.

  5. Students should use a quiet voice in the library.

  6. Students should walk in the library.

  7. Students should keep bookshelves neat and orderly.

Book Challenge

Click the link to read the board policy regarding titles that are challenged.

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